Captain Beefheart Portrait By Joe Coleman

I’ve been a fan of Joe Coleman’s work for as long as I can remember.  Not only do I find an affinity for his subjects, but his meticulous detail has to be admired, even if you don’t like his subjects or style.  I’d love to see the work in person to truly be able to take in the detail and read what he’s written here on his ode to the one and only Don Van Vliet.

I love the way Coleman surrounds the Captain with a pantheon of influences.  From what I can make out, Coleman has, as usual, hit the nail on the head.  Going clockwise from the top right, we have Ronnie Drew, Popeye the Sailor, Ornette Coleman, Leon Theremin, Frank Zappa, Lawrence Lipton, Tristan Tzara, Stan Hugill, Jean Dubuffet, and Howlin’ Wolf.  A lifetime of study there.  Or at least 30 minutes if you have a wikipedia.

I would love to see a Coleman portrait of Tom Waits.  Not only do I think it would be spectacular and make a fine addition to the Joe Coleman oeuvre, but it would have to be a damn sight better than the album cover of the new Tom Waits CD, Bad As Me, which I need to hear more of before I decide  whether to buy.  Maybe I can find his private listening party and check it out.


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