Fine Wine for ≤ $9.99 – Evodia Grenache

I picked up this Spanish Grenache for $8.49 at Wine House on a recommendation.  It’s easily one of the nicest-looking bottles I’ve brought home in ages.  The look of it alone will wow your guest, or better yet, present it to the host at the next soiree you’re invited to and you’ll automatically be in their good graces.  The label itself is printed on some sort of satiny paper and looks and feels like a wine I couldn’t afford.


Evodia Grenache - 2009 Calatayud, Spain

The cork made a most satisfying pop and the smell of pepper and spices leapt from the bottle. It was a lovely, rustic bouquet that tripped the switch to my salivary glands.  I cannot recall a more intense aroma coming from a wine before I had actually poured it.

After such a remarkable pop and sniff, the wine was actually a bit disappointing in the mouth.  It’s not that it was bad, far from it.  It’s just that initial wafting had such an unexpectedly dramatic impact, I had expected a similar intensity on my tongue.  The spicy scent gave way to a fruity flavor, which again was not bad, just not what I had expected.

I like to drink wine by itself.  This, I think, is a wine that needs to be paired with food.  It’s like a cross between a Pinot Noir and Merlot and, to my taste, is a bit much to drink on its own.  I wouldn’t call it heavy, but after two glasses, I was feeling a bit of the grog setting in.  But this wouldn’t likely be a problem if I was eating as I drank.  I hesitate to call it complex, because after the initial deception between smelling and tasting, Evodia is a fairly straightforward wine.  In fact, I drank the rest of the bottle the next day and it seemed to have mellowed out somewhat.

Buy this wine.  It is an excellent value.  But pair it with some nice food and a friend or two.  This is one of those situations where I fear I let the wine down, not the other way around. I’d buy it again just to impress someone with it.  4/5 stars.


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