Fascinating Fungi

I’ve long been fascinated by mushrooms, toadstools and fungi.  They’re weird and kind of creepy.  They’re what my inner science fiction geek likes to think of as alien life on earth.  I’ve picked them, studied them under microscopes, smashed them, and indulged in garden golf using a stick as a club and the caps as balls.  But I can’t stand to eat them.  I’ve tried.  But I was culinarily traumatized by them as a kid and never quite got over it.

I’d love to see something like this:

Trawling the youtubes for interesting mushroom videos can be an exasperating experience.  You have to wade through a lot of silliness before you run into anything as interesting as this piece where David Attenborough describes cordyceps that attack insects:

Or this, also with David Attenborough:

I’ll be looking for more funky fungi, but it requires sifting through a lot of videos featuring music by Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield and lots of bad trance.


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