Gay for May, Part the First

Most Americans who know about James May (and there are frightfully too few) only know him as the slow one with bad hair on Top Gear.  This is a shame and I aim to do my part to correct this sad state of affairs.  Over the coming weeks, I intend to prove that James May is nothing short of a modern day Renaissance Man.  I see him as a role model and truly believe the world would be a better place if more people, men especially, did the same.  When ever I find myself in doubt, I ask WWJMD?  What would James May do?

I was an aspirational wine ponce before I knew there was such a thing.  Thankfully, James May co-hosted this wonderful, funny, and enlightening series with wine ponce extraordinaire, Oz Clarke, to give me something to aspire toward.

In the first season of Oz & James’ Big Wine Adventure, the two travel around France in a Jaguar, pitching a tent, visiting vineyards, attempting to define “terroir,” and drinking themselves silly.  It’s definitely entertaining and you might even learn a thing or two about wine.


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One response to “Gay for May, Part the First

  1. Captain Slow drives me mad! I must say, he’s grown on me and I find his adventures with wine really interesting. Thanks for sharing this video! I enjoyed it! The amphibious cars episode is always hilarious and James’ car/boat was great.

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