Fine Wine for ≤ $9.99 – Laya Granacha

After my two previous Spanish Grenaches faired so well, I was excited to open this lovely bottle, which is actually a blend of 70% Granacha Tintorera and 30% Monastrell.  In the grand idiotic tradition of judging a book by its cover, I saved this bottle for last because I liked the label most.  One of these days, I’ll learn.

Laya Garnacha/Monastrell - 2009 Almansa, Spain

The whole experience can be summed up as disappointing.  To think that for the same price, you can get a wonderful bottle like the Borsao I enjoyed so much just a few days ago…well, it’s part of what makes this exercise so interesting and frustrating.

The bouquet is vague. It smells like something– probably dark fruits, maybe leather– but I’m wearing my nose out in a futile attempt to find anything distinct.  In the mouth, it’s just more vagueness.  It’s wine, alright, but completely unremarkable wine.  The kind of thing one thinks about when one hears a certain combination of the words “buck,” “chuck,” and “two.”

After two glasses, I can’t even bring myself to finish it.  2/5 stars.  I’ll use it for steak marinade.  Why anyone would buy this when for the same price you can have the infinitely better Borsao Garnacha is beyond me.


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