Fine Wine for ≤ $9.99 – Terasses Ventoux

After my taste test of three very different Spanish Grenaches, I thought it might be interesting to try a French Grenache– or in this case, a blend of 70% Grenache and 30% Syrah.  I love Syrahs and, after 2/3 of my Spanish Grenaches proved excellent, it was with a high degree of expectation that I plunged the corkscrew into this bottle from Chateau Pesquié – Terrasses Ventoux from 2009.

Terrasses Ventoux - 2009 Rhone Valley, France

Though I am only a humble aspiring wine ponce, I can say for sure there are few things more disheartening than a cork that breaks off as you attempt to pull it out.  It’s not always the end of the world, but when you recover the reluctant piece and discover a good bit of discoloration of the cork, it tends to raise an eyebrow and crinkle a nose.  Gritting my teeth, I poured a glass and smelled the tell-tale signs of what I thought was “corked” wine but may actually have just been oxidized wine.  It smelled sour and vinegary.  Just to make sure I hadn’t let my visual and aural senses pre-judge things, I tasted.  And it was quite vinegary.

So I guess I’ll be finding out what the return policy is at Wine House.  I’m hesitant to get another, but I’d hate to blame the vineyard or winery for a faulty cork.  I suppose it could happen to any wine at any price.  If I’m given no choice but a replacement bottle of the same thing, then I will try again.  But if I’m offered a store credit in the same amount, I’d be hard pressed to try the same wine.  Is that wrong of me?  In the meantime, I can’t give it a fair review.


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