Missing Broadcast

As an experiment, I decided to use Pandora as my only source of music for a while, just to see what happens.  One of the best stations I made was built around the British band, Broadcast.  They’re one band that I feel never got their due props. Their singer, the otherworldly Trish Keenan, died of pneumonia earlier this year.  I’ve been a fan for a decade, but I’ve been listening to them a lot lately because of my Pandora station and, for some reason, today I was saddened by the thought that there will never be another Broadcast record.

Lots of people make fan videos for songs they like, but as I was searching for some Broadcast videos to share, I discovered tons of fan-made videos for songs spanning their discography.  Better yet, many of them were quite good.  This made me smile.  It’s fitting.  Broadcast was that kind of band– a band that fans would spend time making  videos for and a band that would embrace the fact that it had the kind of fans who would do such things.

Fan video for “Pendulum”

Fan video for “The Black Cat”

Fan video for “Colour Me In”

Fan video for “Poem of Dead Song”



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