Fine Wine for ≤ $9.99 – Found Object Gewürtztraminer

Four things attracted me to this wine.  I’ll be honest and start with the price– only $4.99 at Trader Joe’s.  I’ve paid more for orange juice.  Second, I liked the name.  As a collector of des objets trouvés, I felt I recognized a kindred spirit.  Third, I like the label.  Simple, nice, and cute without being cloying, and printed on an elegant, textured paper.  Finally, it’s a Gewürtztraminer,  A good Gewürtz for a good price is hard to come by.  So if it’s good, I’d have found a winner.

Found Object Gewürtztraminer - 2010 Paso Robles, California

If you’re unfamiliar with Gewürtztraminers, my uneducated palate would place them somewhere between Pinot Grigios and Rieslings– The bright punchiness of the former coupled with the sweetness of the latter taking the edge off just a bit.  Generally, it’s the kind of thing more suited to a summer picnic than a winter’s evening, but I was in the mood for something light.

The bouquet is nice and complex.  Definite hints of sweet peaches (others have suggested lychee but I can’t recall the last time I sniffed a fresh one.)  I’m also getting hints of grass or hay and an undiscernible floral fragrance.  It’s a really nice combination of scents that has me sticking my nose in the glass, inhaling deeply several times before each sip.

Unfortunately, it’s not that interesting in the mouth.  It’s a bit flat and…not sour, but it makes my lips pucker a bit. It’s big and wet, but not terribly remarkable.  It’s not unpleasant– In fact, I’m pretty damn buzzed after a glass and a half and there’s something to be said for that– but it doesn’t live up to the promise of its lovely bouquet.

I suppose I could argue with the ponciest wine ponces of the value of time spent sniffing over the time spent drinking any given wine.  What percentage of the joy one gets from smelling a wine worth?  I’ve spent as much time sniffing this wine as I have drinking it and think the olfactory experience is at least twice as good as the taste-factory one.  Let’s put it this way– If I met a girl that smelled like this, I’d fall in love.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t have anything interesting to say.  3/5 stars.  Worth the five bucks for the bouquet and alcohol content.  Serve it chilled at a picnic and you’d be golden.  But on its own,  just me and the bottle, it’s just north of fair.


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