Gay For May, Part The Second

In this second installment of my ongoing attempt at making of the case for James May as de facto exemplar of the modern day Renaissance Man, I present People’s Exhibit #2– James May’s Man Lab. In it, our hero, James May, endeavors to single-handedly reverse the eternal decline of the present day male of the human species and see to it we all become “proper chaps.”  May sets about his task by showing us slothful menfolk a series of “how to’s” which will undoubtedly lead to enlightenment. In the first show of the first season, he demonstrates how to fabricate a kitchen countertop out of concrete, how to woo a lady, how to polish boots, and how to diffuse WWII era unexploded ordinance.  I believe you’ll find it instructional.

It is a wonderfully informative and hilariously entertaining show. It’s a crime it’s never received a airing in the States (I’m frowning at you, BBC America) because I believe this program is in the interest of the public good.  The more people who see it, the better the chances for humankind’s survival.  Series Two is airing in the UK as we speak.  Those of you so inclined can find the first few episodes on the Youtubes.  Those of you who would call a contractor to install a wine rack should probably not be using a computer in the first place.  Keep calm and carry on.

DISCLAIMER: it should go without saying that the title of these posts is meant to be taken with a grain of salt upon the tongue which you should plant firmly in your cheek.  I do not mean to in any way insinuate that James May is gay.  Nor, in fact, am I.  Only that James May is what I would consider an ideal male specimen and my affection for him will not be constrained by the label “bromance.”


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