Gay For May, Part The Third

I believe my arguments for James May as the avatar for the modern day Renaissance Man were persuasive on the Renaissance portion, but may have come up short on the Man half.  The short clip that follows will forever balance the equation.  On this episode of The F-Wordcelebrity chef Gordon Ramsay challenges May to ingest some of the world’s most disgusting foodstuffs.

In the next challenge, Ramsay and May square off in a cook-off.  The dish?  Fish pie.

If you’ve never seen The F-Word, the customers in the restaurant decide whose dish is best.   You’ll notice the clip ends before the winner is named.   I suspect that’s because Ramsay announces that if May wins, he’ll quit cooking forever.  James May, Renaissance Man, does indeed defeat celebrity chef and mere mortal Gordon Ramsay.  You should look for the entire episode because Ramsay’s reaction is well worth it.  It’s just one more reason I am Gay for May.

DISCLAIMER: it should go without saying that the title of these posts is meant to be taken with a grain of salt upon the tongue which you should plant firmly in your cheek.  I do not mean to in any way insinuate that James May is gay.  Nor, in fact, am I.  Only that James May is what I would consider an ideal male specimen and my affection for him will not be constrained by the label “bromance.”


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