My Other Spaceship Is A Teapot

Gong is one of those bands that just never got the attention they deserved and “I Never Glid Before” is one of my favorite songs by them.  Theirs is a music made gleefully and unabashedly by stoners for stoners.  It’s smarter than Hawkwind and more progressive and less pretentious than Pink Floyd.  They also suffer from what I call The Kinks Syndrome.  This happens to bands, artists, and actors that should be more popular in the U.S., but are just too British to actually catch on in a major way.  I’d put the Small Faces and James May in the same category. But I suspect the biggest reason they never really caught on is, like singer and real life gnome, Daevid Allen’s first band, Soft Machine, they’re a rock band steeped in experimental music and jazz.

They’re an acquired taste, to be sure, but few other bands can take you to outer space like they could.  Thanks to Richard Metzger over at Dangerous Minds for posting the video for “I Never Glid Before” and inspiring me to look for more wacky Gong videos because I found a lot of other really cool stuff I’ll be posting for weeks to come.


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