Monday Night Classic Jazz Clips

Another Monday night nearly snuck away from me as I spent the last several hours trying to figure out how to embed a SWF video from a European site.  I turn into a 3-year-old with Tourette’s when the Internets don’t work how they’re supposed to.  So it’s perfect timing for a few classic jazz clips to sooth the savage idiot.

And nobody soothes quite the way Modern Jazz Quartet do.  Even when they go real fast, they go oh so smooth.

The Charles Mingus sextet murders the Ellington classic “Take The A Train” here with especially explosive solos from Jacki Byard on piano and Eric Dolphy on the big, bad bass clarinet.  This one’ll take your face clean off.

Speaking of Jaki Byard, here’s an excellent clip of him going in & out, from ragtime to avant-garde and everything in between.

And last, I’ll send you off to bed with Julie London whispering in your ear.  You’re welcome.


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