Iiiiiiiie post my first clip…

Leon Trotsky once said (in English, which is the cool part), “From the lessons of the past, we can prepare ourselves for the future.” Pretty generic sentiment for a Marxist, I guess, but it seems apropos. I discovered this clip when my long-suffering and too wonderful husband bought me Information Society’s “It is Useless To Resist Us” DVD as an Xmas present and was both horrified and entranced. Observe the characteristic plumage of the post-modern geek.

Perhaps it’s my natural and well-documented affinity for terrible things, but I love this clip, as much for its glorious amateurishness as its prescient anticipation of a culture that could support nerdcore and Thinkgeek and Doctor Who in primetime. With the advent of cyber bullying and a virtual tracer for everything you eat, say, do, or like now, I’m sure the dorky and ostracized don’t necessarily enjoy less social Darwinism these days than when I was a young geekling. They do have somewhat enviable access to all forms of media, terrible and otherwise, compared to my experience, and it is far easier to find the like-minded. I myself enjoy this latter advantage, as a map of the physical distribution of my friends who delight in terrible Hammer horror movies would be completely blank. However, I meet with online acquaintances every week to live Tweet these kinds of movies, and it is more fun than I can constitutionally tolerate.

I suspect there’s really never been a better time to be geeky in our culture, even if the idea of what is geek in a world with primetime Doctor Who is somewhat nebulous.


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by | January 7, 2012 · 3:50 pm

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