Christopher Hitchens Memorial Statue Campaign

I know, I know. The notion of a statue of Hitch for anyone who genuinely appreciated his work can seem only slightly less moribund than the mummified V.I. Lenin displayed like Snow White in her glass coffin. There is that. But what persuades me this proposal is not a repudiation of Hitch’s legacy as Hitch himself intended it is that a statue represents the status of his ideas in our society. For years, the Crackpot Right has been threatening a Culture War, and by God — essentially by God — they’re bringing it. Particularly in the current U.S. political environment where all the credible Republican candidates (Huntsman and Ron Paul are not really conceded as credible by anyone, right?) are at least unstinting religious zealots, those of us who are sane need our heroes and we need to be inspired to stand up. So damn the contradictions, immortalize the essential Contrarian, as the very existence of this statue will be a refutation to those who take their wisdom from on high or not at all.

I also find it a delightful notion to consider a golem of Hitch staring balefully out onto a society of hovercars.

Christopher Hitchens Memorial Statue Campaign.

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3 responses to “Christopher Hitchens Memorial Statue Campaign

  1. Thanks, I would have never known about this… Actually, I have an RSS feed to and THEY didn’t post anything about this to my knowledge. I am all the way behind a statue of Hitchens, but I also know how iconoclastic Christians can be when the icon is someone they disagree with. I could see the statue of Hitchens getting the exact opposite treatment of the tomb of Oscar Wilde. But I guess we have to take that chance and take the high road when the vandalism occurs.

  2. Akira Mason

    I don’t have an issue with the statue itself. It’s interesting, though, that you cite the religious zealotry of the GOP contenders as the quintessence of everything Hitch stood against. The thing that has really struck me in the latest round of “debates” is the increased bellicosity exhibited by many of the candidates towards Iran, a sentiment fairly accordant with aspects of Hitch’s worldview I found less appealing.

    • You have a very valid point, and it’s important to remember Hitchens juked right a fair bit in his final years. I’m sure he would prefer that not be forgotten, and I’m sure some on the left are already stuffing it down the memory hole as fast as they can rationalize. My Hitch = atheist = Not GOP equation is no doubt influenced by the intense focus brought to Hitch’s mortal travails by his colleague Horsemen. I would have found this almost gleeful championing of Hitch in decline grotesque if it were not obviously so important to the man himself. I remember him accepting the Richard Dawkins award last year, remarking in his acceptance speech how wonderful he imagined it was for people at the beginning of this New Atheist fight and how he envied them. I may be picking and choosing my Hitchens, but I think it’s fair to say the principles of his lifetime accorded with the promotion of reason over ignorance, and I feel that the mainstream GOP stand very much for cultivating the latter.

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