SOPA’s On The Rope-uhs

SOPA's good food? This is currently the first place Google Image Search result for SOPA. Mmmmm.

The best thing about SOPA is that it has shut down most of the cool stuff on the Internets.  That’s probably why you’re here.  You can’t go to boingboing or Reddit or even Wikipedia.  (The Oatmeal has the best SOPA front page, BTW) And so you’re like Paula Deen after she’s been denied her daily butter bath.

Here at The Poubelle, we’ve made the brave decision to bravely support the brave sites that chose to bravely go dark by not going dark, thus giving you, fair computer user, something to waste 3.76 minutes of your incalculably invaluable time on.  You like LOLcats. right?  How about a song about LOLcats and SOPA?

The number two result in the Google Image Search for PIPA is totally hot.

Though SOPA appears to be DOA, PIPA is AAW*.  At least for now.  To my feeble brain, this is proof that the Internets are indeed capable of being heard over the piles of cash entertainment industry lobbyists showered upon congressional reptiles to get this legislation on the docket at a time when congress can’t seem to do anything other than rename post offices that are about to be closed. This gives me faith in humanity.  Not much.  But enough to reward you with a few slices of prime cheese.  Who loves you, baby?  Petite Poubelle love you long time.

Put on your disco pants and Indian headdresses and boogie oogie oogie til SOPA/PIPA is no mo.

Or maybe you prefer Korla’s Indian headdress and dancer…

But there’s really only one song that can sum up my sentiments about SOPA/PIPA.  I’ll let the boys from Ween explain.

*alive and well


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