Bad Lip Synching

I have no idea who the mastermind behind Bad Lip Reading is, but I do know genius when I see it.  His (her? their?) GOP candidate clips got loads of attention across the Interwebs, but I’m shocked at the lack of a feeding frenzy in regards to BLR’s music video clips.  Not only are they every bit as wacky as the GOP videos, but the production value of the music is top notch.  The above video is excellent, especially in comparison to the total shit original.  Click the link at your peril.

I only know Michael Bublé because of my mom.  It’s mom music.  See for yourself.  I promise it’s nowhere near as heinous as the Ludacris dogpile.  Perhaps even better than the BLR video was Bublé’s reaction to it.  That’s a class act of the sort we don’t see much of these days.

I really can’t add anything to that.  Except bacon.


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