The Very Best of Jazz Club

Why on earth have I never seen this television show??? Well, the fact that I haven’t owned a television set since 1993 could have something to do with it… But at any rate, it’s a really funny parody of both avant garde jazz as well as the annoying hosts on TV music shows. What’s great about it is that it’s even more funny if you are actually a jazz fan because you get all the little inside jokes they throw in.

After a bit of research on the Wikipedia, I’ve discovered that Jazz Club was a regular sketch on the BBC comedy show called The Fast Show. The format as well as the host were meant to parody the classic British music show, The Old Grey Whistle Test.



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5 responses to “The Very Best of Jazz Club

  1. Oh, man. Where did you find this? The sucky trumpet player had me on the floor.

  2. Erin sent me the link this morning without any explanation. I haven’t talked to her yet to figure out where she found it. The show apparently aired between 1994 and 1998. I was blown away that it has gone completely under my radar for so long.

    • I had a conversation about jazz with a friend from England who then randomly sent it to me months later with the subject line “I hate Jazz” and nothing else. I got up that morning, looked at my phone, and clicked the link and sat in bed laughing about it until I figured out who I knew that I could send it to. Why do the English hog all the good comedy?

  3. I’m pretty sure the sucky trumpet player was a dig on Evan Parker & company.

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