Mind-Melting, Award-Winning Microscopic Photography

Stem section of garden bamboo at 200X and under flourescent light by Gerd Guenther -- Honorable Mention, BioScapes 2011

My search for interesting wallpaper landed me on Olympus’ BioScapes International Digital Imaging contest page and I’m glad to report my brain is finally beginning to recover from the overload of awesomeness.  But I have not recovered to the point where I could add anything cogent or meaningful to the images.  Sometimes, words fail.

Black fly using stereomicroscopy by Fabrice Parais -- honorable Mention BioScapes 2010

One of the reasons I love these so much is the subjects are things we take for granted.  The magic comes from the change of perspective.  It’s thrilling to think of an entire universe of beautiful things right under our noses, completely hidden from our vision– a universe where fly heads and stink bug eggs appear as giant alien life forms.

Stink bug eggs under brightfiled illumination by Haris Antonopoulos -- 6th place, BioScapes 2011

On this scale, wildflower seeds look like an exotic sushi dish from the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

Seeds of wildflowers under brightfield reflected light by Yanping Wang -- 9th Place BioScapes 2010


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