Covers, Oddities and Separated at Birth

Lets start a new Friday night tradition (or any night for that matter) based on pairings of  influences and odd similarities. These similarities could be as intentional or as random as your imagination allows… If you are a follower and you have ideas for future posts, please let me know in the comments.

But tonight let’s simply start with song covers… These are some of my favorite songs by a band called Wire covered by some of my favorite (and not-so-favorite) bands.

This song is called Heartbeat, from the album Chairs Missing, written by Colin Newman of Wire and was then covered by Big Black.

Unfortunately, Big Black had a horrible videographer and the only live video of their cover of Heartbeat is completely unwatchable, but here is the 7″ inch version:

Here is one of Wire’s most memorable pop songs, The 15th.

And this is the less-than-memorable version done by Fischerspooner.

Wire may be the only band in history to write a catchy tune based on the politics of cartography.

And here it is covered by My Bloody Valentine.


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