Covers, Oddities, And Separated At Birth – Beach Boys & Jesus And Mary Chain

The first live show I ever went to was a Beach Boys show when I was maybe in the 4th grade.  I don’t remember much about it, except that at the time, I thought the dude who played piano and sang “God Only Knows” with his head turned away from the audience was really fucking weird.

Pychocandy by The Jesus and Mary Chain absolutely changed my life.  That was the record that made me understand the power of the electric guitar.  But one thing I never understood was how two brothers from Scotland who made an unbelievably righteous rock racket were so into early Beach Boys.

I mean, look at these guys.  Does it get any more Wally Cleaver than this?

So I suppose it was the inexplicable love and loathing of the Beach Boys that lead JAMC to not only cover “Surfin’ USA” but then to go ahead and “Kill Surf City.”  And for the record, Jesus and Mary Chain are shit after Darklands.


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