Relaxing Soft Favorites Vol. 1

In the spirit of Angela’s post about music to not murder anyone by, I’d like to offer a few tunes I’ve chosen to soothe the savage geek.  A sort of new-age/easy listening playlist for aging X-ers.  Hopefully it can be an ongoing thing and will be an invaluable resource for winding down after a hard day of programming or gluten-free crafting.  Enjoy.

First up is Evelyn Glennie and Fred Frith playing her composition, “A Little Prayer,” in an abandoned sugar factory.  Taken from the wonderful documentary about the profoundly deaf Scottish percussionist, Touch The Sound.

“Breathturn” is heartwarming tune and video from Arkansas post-rock band, Hammock.

“For Jonathan” by The Album Leaf.

And Songs of Green Pheasant summon the ghost of yacht rock past with their new song, “Teenwolf.”


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