Nobody knows you and nobody gives a damn anyway.

I think I’ll round off the evening with one of my all time favorite music videos by a band called Wolf Parade… The song is titled “I’ll Believe in Anything”. The line from that song, “nobody knows you and nobody gives a damn anyway”, is one of the most humbling, but also one of the most freeing lines from recent rock music…

You see, when people know you, they have expectations based on what you’ve done before… But when they don’t know you, then you have nothing to lose and you are free to try anything and everything… I just wish that more established artists could realize this and get over their own success…


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2 responses to “Nobody knows you and nobody gives a damn anyway.

  1. Is this directed at anyone in particular?

    Man, this past week, I’ve been flattened by the worst case of the flu I’ve had in years. Knocked me out for nearly a week. I’m still hacking up some of the most disturbingly-colored phlegm balls…you don’t even want to know.

  2. Sorry about the illness. I can’t even remember the last time I got that sick.
    The idea for my rather cryptic post started because that song was stuck in my head all day and I wanted to post it. As I was doing that, I started thinking about that line from the song in relation to my own work over the years. When nobody knows you, then you’re free to take big risks with your work and if you fail, then nobody gives a damn anyway. But if you’re well known, then taking a big risk with your work comes also with the risk of a very public failure.
    Anyway, I am currently working on something for a group show at a community college that is one of the more ambitious pieces and certainly the most expansive piece I’ve ever done. It’s nice because it is at a community college and not a commercial gallery, so I can do something that nobody would ever put in their house and I don’t have to worry about whether or not the piece would sell. I think angst about that is probably what prompted the post.
    Anyway, I’ll take pictures and post them here when I install it this Saturday.

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