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Friday Night Freakout – Krautrock Clusterfück Edition

Can vs. Guru Guru vs. Amon Düül II all live on the Germany’s WDR.  Feel free to take your brain out of your skull for the duration.

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Luxury Comedy Gold

I’d like to say something clever about this, but my higher brain functions have yet to return after just watching this little gem.  I have never been a big Mighty Boosh fan, but maybe I need to reevaluate.  Luxury Comedy is the best thing I’ve seen in a long, long time.  Myco-lysergic, super-saturated dada British sketch comedy combining elements of Sid & Marty Krofft, The Banana Splits, Pee Wee’s Playhouse, and Wonder Showzen?  I know, it sounds awful.  But trust me, it’s brilliant.

Thank you, Dangerous Minds, for tuning in and turning me on.

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Captain Beefheart Live On German TV 1972


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Mind-Melting, Award-Winning Microscopic Photography

Stem section of garden bamboo at 200X and under flourescent light by Gerd Guenther -- Honorable Mention, BioScapes 2011

My search for interesting wallpaper landed me on Olympus’ BioScapes International Digital Imaging contest page and I’m glad to report my brain is finally beginning to recover from the overload of awesomeness.  But I have not recovered to the point where I could add anything cogent or meaningful to the images.  Sometimes, words fail.

Black fly using stereomicroscopy by Fabrice Parais -- honorable Mention BioScapes 2010

One of the reasons I love these so much is the subjects are things we take for granted.  The magic comes from the change of perspective.  It’s thrilling to think of an entire universe of beautiful things right under our noses, completely hidden from our vision– a universe where fly heads and stink bug eggs appear as giant alien life forms.

Stink bug eggs under brightfiled illumination by Haris Antonopoulos -- 6th place, BioScapes 2011

On this scale, wildflower seeds look like an exotic sushi dish from the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

Seeds of wildflowers under brightfield reflected light by Yanping Wang -- 9th Place BioScapes 2010

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Learn To Pogo With Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry lays out the history of the pogo and shows you the proper way to do it.  The video isn’t the best quality, but it is Debbie Harry bouncing up and down.  If you’re anything like me, you can never have enough of that.

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Classics, Wrecked

Here's a perfect excuse for clever a "wrecked 'em" pun and I can't think of one.

Classic Wrecks is your one-stop Etsy shop that will help you build the junkyard of your dreams.  John Findra builds 1/24 scale models of classic automobiles and then, as they would say in the fashion industry, distresses them.  I’ve always been a fan of scale modelers who build airplane crash or battle damaged armor dioramas.  The idea of cutting a brand new model off the sprues, and putting it together in the exact opposite condition of factory fresh puts a big smile on my face.

Helen Killer over at Regretsy listed John’s work as her number one favorite purchase of 2011.

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Ron Paul – A Leprechaun Farmer Who’s A Gambler

Another masterpiece from the masterminds at Bad Lip Reading.

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